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Hello I am Katya. I'm twenty years old and, what can I say, I'm your typical russian girl next-door. I enjoy swimming, tanning, dancing, shopping (I'm a girl after all-lol), chocolate and romance. I like to study and improve myself (I'm studying English and Law) and always try to be a good girl. I am also very comfortable in my own skin and am also comfortable in a variety of clothing styles (from casual to high-fashion) and of course, I enjoy being nude too - either around the house or in front of the camera and even when I'm out camping. I enjoy art in all it's forms and I see the nude body as a great form of art too! Don't you?
I hope you enjoy my little home on the web and discovering more aboutme. I look forward to posing for all my lovely fans.
Kisses, Katya

My profile

AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 170CM/5'7"
WEIGHT: (a gentleman never asks such questions)
MEASUREMENTS: 90-60-90/36-24-36

Why do I like to pose nude

Truth be told, I think of nude photography and modeling as art, on the same level as artistic nude paintings or sculptures. I think of the nude female and male body as beautiful as any creation in nature.

Also, when working with a truly talented photographer, the resulting photos can not only arouse, stimulate and excite the viewer, but can also make them dream. And I hope you will all dream of me too.

Do I really enjoy being nude

Of course! I find it very comfortable and very natural to be nude. If it wasn't against the law, I'd be nude everywhere, all the time - weather permitting of course - who wants to be nude outside when it's -40?? Maybe after I get my law degree I will be successful in changing the anti-nudity laws in the world. Wouldn't that be fun! :-P
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Secret facts about myself

I love white chocolate, red wine and love to sleep in on weekends. I like to laugh and joke around with my friends, I love to dance, and go camping, and travel. My dream is to see the whole world one day.

Also, if you haven't noticed already, I like to keep my "delicate parts" completely shaved - I find it quite pretty that way and I also love the added sensations when I am kissed there, without the barrier of hair the way. It makes my toes curl!

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